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Maine Girl Massage

Christina Amoroso, LMT

My mission is to create a soothing melt your worries away experience while promoting a healthy view of self-care. Each session is designed to unlock your general happiness and improve your overall well-being

My promise to you is to provide a dignified, respectful, and honorable atmosphere at all times.

My goal is simple: This Main(e) girl would love to have your back.

My Services

Main(e) Girl Massage

Deep Tissue


90 Minute Session


Swedish Massage


90 Minute Session


Main(e) Girl Massage
Main(e) Girl Massage

Pregnancy Massage


Infant Massage


Chair Massage

In Office

$10 / 10 Minutes


Corporate Setting

$10/per client

Main(e) Girl Massage
Main(e) Girl Massage

Hot or Cold Stone Therapy


Foot Soak



14 Vista Drive
Suite 301
Gorham, ME. 04038
In the the Maine Optometry Building
Main(e) Girl Massage
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